Today in the city Leland Grove 20.05.2018

Peacemakers mark end of violent Basque separatist group ETA

International mediators are holding a peace gathering to mark the end of Basque separatist group ETA after a decades-long campaign against Spain that saw more than 850 people killed.

Group Tried Selling Off-White x Jordans Minutes After Stealing Them

A group of men in Queens were caught on camera attempting to sell the Off-White x Air Jordan sneakers they had just stolen from a teenager. And that's not even the worst part.

Separatist Group ETA Announces Disbandment After Decades Of Violent Resistance In Spain

After almost six decades of violent resistance to the Spanish central government, separatist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna announced it's disbanding. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with journalist Guy H...

One group of traders is on pace to shatter performance records — here's what they're buying

Amid the turbulence that's rocked the stock market this year, one group of traders is on pace for its best year on record. Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows just how well they're doing so far in 201...

Group Running Asylum Caravan Fears Spotlight Comes at a Cost

All-volunteer group running caravans of Central American asylum seekers finally gained the world's attention thanks to Trump, but organizers fear it could come at a cost.

Basque Separatist Group Disbands, After Decades Of Bloody Conflict

The group ETA spent nearly 60 years fighting for Basque independence — and killing hundreds of people in bombings and other attacks. Years after a cease-fire, ETA now says the "journey has ended."

Canal Plus Nabs ‘Babylon Berlin’ From Mediawan’s AB Group

Canal Plus Group has acquired French rights to hit German drama series “Babylon Berlin” from AB International Distribution, the Paris-based company owned by Mediawan group. The series, whi...

Fox Networks Group Restructures Africa Executive Team (EXCLUSIVE)

Fox Networks Group Europe and Africa has announced a new executive team structure in Africa as part of its effort to widen its presence on the continent. Vasilis Iliopoulos will expand his role to bec...

Group running asylum caravan fears spotlight comes at a cost

The group that organized a monthlong caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States wanted to draw attention to the plight of people fleeing violence.

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